All of our services include digital colour correction and basic dust/scratch removal to help bring your old and damaged photographs back to life!

We also are able to name each file and sort your photos into digital folders (e.g. School Photos, Wedding Photos). Simply put your photos into ziplock bags labelled for us and we will do the rest!

Note: Pease remove photos stuck into albums or in sleeves. Removal from albums/sleeves/frames is a tedious process so will cost an additional $0.50 p/p (if applicable)

Bulk Loose Photographs*

Loose Photographs (up to A4 Size) $0.40 per photo*

*Please note that this option is for newer (less fragile) photographs that do not have any glue, blue tac, or cello-tape on them. Discounts offered for 500+ photographs.

Mounted, Scrapbooked or fragile photographs

$1.00 Per photograph

  • Highest resolution scan on our Epson v850 pro flatbed scanner.
  • Includes removal from books/scrapbooks where possible, in order to get the best scan. We will discuss options with you, however we cannot guarantee that your original photos are not damaged when removing them from books.

Negatives and slides

$1.00 per frame/slide

  • As this is the most time consuming scan, we charge per frame, rather than the whole negative strip.

USB Costs

32gb $20

  • Unfortunately, we cannot accept your personal storage devices, as we aim to protect our systems from any viruses.
  • We recommend having having more than one copy of your photographs so you have a backup.

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